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SCRAPtastic SHARKS! Wet Weather Craft with fairandfunky!

With lots of weather warnings for the weekend we thought you might enjoy another SCRAPtastic wet weather craft from fairandfunky!


DSCF8783All you need to make a SCRAPtastic Shark Catcher is:

an old plastic bottle,

scrap paper,

bottle tops,


and glue.


DSCF8779Make sure your plastic bottle is clean and then carefully cut the bottom off! Then, cut a triangle out from each side of the bottle. To make the teeth, make each edge of your triangle zig-zaggy! (a very technical term!)


Half of your bottle then needs to be covered in white, the other half in blue to create a scary shark! You can use old magazines, or scrap envelopes for this. Don’t forget to add an eye.


20141127_15261520141127_154602To turn your shark into a simple catcher – pierce a hole through the bottle top, thread a long piece of string through and tie a knot on the underside of the bottle top to secure it. Replace the cap!


On the other end of your string you need to add a fish! In after school club we made a fish by threading 4 plastic bottle tops onto the other end of the string. These were then wrapped in paper, before adding fishy features!



20141127_160014And there you have it! A scary shark catcher game!


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