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Half Term Activity: How to Make a Bug!

One of the favourite workshops at fairandfunky after school club this half term has been the humble bug. Children have loved it


“I have to say, I think this is your best yet.” Harvey, aged 9.


“ I loved the bugs, I didn’t know you could make things from old clothes.” Luca, aged 6.


So, now it’s the half term holiday here’s a how to make a bug, a humble bug, a bumble bug, a love bug. You can call it what you like, children at after school club did!



First gather together some OLD t’shirts

ready to be recycled!



Next cut carefully along the hem, and

then around and around and around!




When you have finished cutting you

should have lots of balls of t’shirt yarn.



Starting with one colour wrap the

yarn around 2 pieces of card as shown.



Keep going until you can no

longer see the hole in the

middle of the cardboard!



Again, CAREFULLY cut

through the yarn to the

cardboard as shown.



Tie some of the left over yarn

around the middle of the bug

before cutting the cardboard

away; leaving a cute little bug!



Decorate with old buttons

and other fabric scraps to

give your bug some personality.



Let us know how you get on! And do post your finished bug photos on our facebook page.

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