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Recycling Crafts for Crafty Recyclers!

Looking for a simple craft to keep little fingers busy this Summer holiday? Then look no further than this!


Mask making is one of our favourite SCRAPtastic crafts and one of the easiest crafts to make. You can make any mask you like – pigs, dinosaurs, monsters, princesses, sheep, masquerade, cows or aliens! You can find simple templates on google or just draw your own. Be inspired in our facebook albums!




You don’t need an expensive craft kit to make these SCRAPtastic masks! At fairandfunky we encourage people to make and create using recycled materials from scrap around the home: don’t throw it away…..make something! All you will need is:

Cardboard packaging

Fabric and/or paper scraps





Draw your chosen design on old cardboard packaging, a cereal box is fine, or we use old cardboard boxes from the local supermarket.


DSCF4204Collect together a range of materials to use to create the mask: old envelopes, fabric scraps, magazines, old wrapping paper – you can use anything! Remember to cut out eye holes on your mask before you start sticking!


When finished you can either tie string to each side to wear your mask, or stick a cardboard strip at the bottom to hold. And there you are: a simple SCRAPtastic mask for all!


Happy recycling! And please share the finished results with us on facebook and twitter!


Alternatively……JOIN us at our SCRAPtastic workshops at Huddersfield Food and Drink Festival….find out more here!

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