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Easter Craft from MakeandMendYear!

Hello fairandfunky blog readers! Lovely fairandfunky very kindly asked me (MakeandMendYear) if I would do another guest post for their blog – this time with an Easter craft theme. So I decided to make some Easter baskets from old milk bottles….


This is what you need:


Fairandfunky.Easter1Plastic milk bottle-the size is up to you. Obviously the smaller the bottle, the smaller your basket will be (and therefore the less Easter eggs you can fit in it…) We went with a 2L bottle! 

Something to decorate the bottle with – we went with potatoes and acrylic paints, but you could always go with glue and whatever scraps you have lying around at home.



Remove the label from your milk bottle. This is the hardest bit of the whole make, and my advice would be to do this the night before your over-excited children want to make their baskets, so you don’t spend 20 minutes desperately trying to pick it off whilst fending off Smalls who want to get on with painting. Cut the bottom off – I stabbed through with a knife and then cut round and then neatened the edge off with scissors once it was off.



Then cut out either one long strip or two shorter ones to make a handle



Fairandfunky.Easter2Decorate! We went with potatoes – cut in half and embellished to look vaguely like Easter Eggs. The Smalls then painted the cut sides and stamped them on to the bottle. Some of them were neater and more egg-like than others….. BigSmall then got all artistic and painted grass and sunshine and some kind of grotesque deformed Easter bunny on his too!!

NB. If you are going to do the painting thing, I am reliably informed that you need to use acrylic paints in order for it to stick. I can also reliably inform you that acrylic paint does NOT come out of clothes well, and I would recommend an apron for this (on everyone….)


Fairandfunky.Easter61STEP FOUR!

Leave to dry! Once dry, staple your handles in place-we had two shorter strips, to I stapled these to the basket bit, and then used a bit of duct tape to join them together in the middle.



Go forth and forage for chocolate (Fairtrade, obviously!)






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