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Holme Valley Green Week!

Holme Valley Green Week brought the Holme Valley and wider community together to share ideas, take action and engage in creative activities empowering people to take their own little steps to change the world. The different activities created opportunity for knowledge sharing and to make plans for future collaborative action to combat climate change in the Holme Valley and with Holme Valley businesses and organisations. A huge thank you to the Longley Farm Fund (One Community Fund) for supporting much of this year’s activity.

The art project in 5 local schools was a real success, and the artworks have been on display in the centre of Holmfirth and admired by many. The project created opportunity for school council and eco group children to gain experience in creative collaborative working and increased their self of worth and sense of agency. The works of art will be returned to the schools for discussions around climate change and climate action to continue. Headteacher at Hepworth School: “The workshop created valuable learning for our new eco council, inspiring them on their journey to green our school environment.” Click here to read more about this project!

‘Green Drinks’ brought 12 people from the community together for the first time. All commented on the event feeling uplifting and empowering to connect ideas and make things happen. The event will be repeated throughout the year leaving a legacy of Holme Valley Green Week activity. The next one taking place at Cafe Root on Monday 4th December! Pop the date in your diary and join us from 6-8pm. A discussion around the use of disposable coffee cups lead to one Holme Valley resident and business owner making a pledge to stop using these cups in their cafe. A conversation that wouldn’t have happened without Holme Valley Green week!

The Big Green Get Together created a valuable networking day for both organisations and individuals who are usually working in isolation for a common goal. We enabled a room full of animated discussions, information and resources; with valuable connections made and knowledge shared. River Holme Connections and Environmental Projects in Kirklees both recruited new volunteers to help carry out practical conservation work. And Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership welcomed the opportunity to chat to local people, collecting more ideas for change that will go into their review of the local action plan. We were also joined by Suma Wholefoods, Central England Coop who kept people very happy with chocolate tasting and kombucha sampling!

The Big Green Art Exhibition based on the theme ‘all things green and sustainable’ created a space for local artists to share their climate anxiety and passion for the environment in a safe space and opened up discussions around climate change. One artist commented: “I loved being part of the exhibition, I was very proud of my piece of work and it has inspired me to do a series of all the seasons. I think eco art is a great way of starting a conversation about conservation, recycling, climate change, sustainability to name a few. It has definitely been part of a catalyst for me to get back to what I enjoy and what I believe in and reconnecting with people that I have lost touch with after Covid. Also being part of the exhibition has been a real boost to my confidence after having a severe mental breakdown over the winter/spring of 2023. I’d love to be a part of it again.”

We hope that many of you would love to be part of it again! We are already making plans for events in 2024 when Holme Valley Green Week will run from 30th September to 6th October, and the Big Green Art Exhibition running throughout September. Watch this space for details!

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