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It’s time to REduce, REfill, REuse, REpair and REthink!

As part of Holme Valley Great Big Green Week we have been working with young people in local schools, sharing ideas of how we can all make a difference with the decisions we make – where we shop, what we buy, how we travel, what we wear. We’re all called to RECYCLE, and so we should. But in reality, recycling is the last thing to do. First, we can REFUSE, RETHINK, REFILL, REDUCE and REUSE. The community artwork was created by children across the Holme Valley from waste. They each share the little steps we can take to change the world when we REduce, REfill, REuse, REpair and REthink!

Children from Y3 at Hade Edge Junior and Infant School encourage you to REFUSE throwaway cups and REUSE instead!
Year 2 – Year 6 children at Upperthong J&I School encourage us to REfill our bottles!
Eco Club at Hepworth Junior and Infant School celebrate the ways we can all REDUCE our impact on the environment.
Children from Scholes Junior and Infant School created ‘Sarah the Repairer’ to remind us to REPAIR our broken toys and damaged clothes.
The School Government at Netherthong Junior and Infant School challenge us all to REthink! And when we do we all take little steps to change the world.

We’d love to know the steps you take to change the world. Share your ideas on social media or send an email! And join us this week at Holmfirth Tech for the Big Green Get Together on Wednesday 27th September.

Thank you to The Longley Farm Fund at One Community Foundation for supporting our work during Holme Valley Green Week.

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