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What’s In Your Wallet?

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Where does our money go when we shop? Who gets the profits? What role do we play? What’s in your wallet?’


This creative workshop begins with games and role-play activities under the heading ‘It’s Not Fair!’ Participants will discover the supply chain of chocolate, from bean to bar, and learn the importance of Fairtrade.


With interactive discussion and games students develop their knowledge and understanding on Fairtrade, learning the benefits of Fairtrade to producers.


Each student makes a wallet from recycled packaging to take their thinking out of the classroom: ‘Where does our money go when we shop? Who gets the profits? What role do we play?’


Many fairandfunky School workshops link to The Food For Life Partnership. From Go Bananas to Chocolate and Fairtrade, a fairandfunky workshop will help you reach Silver Award through food education (S12), giving a holistic approach to the understanding of ethical food issues as each workshop explores environmental and ethical issues around food choices.


This 90 minute workshop costs £150 for two members of staff and all material costs. To book a fairandfunky workshop for your school please email 

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