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What’s In Your Wallet?

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Where does our money go when we shop? Who gets the profits? What role do we play? What’s in your wallet?

This creative workshop begins with debate and role-play activities under the heading ‘It’s Not Fair!’ Participants discover the supply chain of chocolate, from bean to bar, and learn the importance of Fairtrade and the role of the consumer in supply chains.

Each student also makes a wallet from recycled packaging to take their thinking out of the classroom and put their consumer voice in action. An engaging workshop provides a holistic approach to the understanding of ethical food issues exploring environmental and ethical issues around food choices.

“This exciting workshop really exceeded my expectations. Children were engaged throughout and now understand what Fairtrade means. It has effectively progressed their learning; I would definitely recommend this workshop. It is engaging, educational and really well delivered.” Abbey Park Primary Academy – Teacher Feedback

Learning objectives

  • To develop an understanding of Fairtrade and why it is important
  • To learn about the journey of chocolate from bean to bar
  • To develop a sense of social justice and moral responsibility
  • To create artworks using recycling products
  • To develop an understanding of a sense of place in the world

This 90 minute workshop costs £175 (plus travel if outside Kirklees) and assumes a class size of 30 children. This includes two members of staff and all material costs, a certificate of participation for the class and a digital review of the workshop.

The workshop can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your individual school or class. To discuss individual requirements, and receive a quote tailored for you, please get in touch.

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