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We all need to SCRAP THAT PLASTIC!

Did you know plastic was invented in the 1800’s by Alexander Parkes? He was so incensed by the hunting of animals for the use of their horns and shells in the manufacture of buttons and combs that he created an alternative. An alternative that now, in it’s single use form, is responsible for destroying habitats it was designed to protect. Madness!

“When was plastic invented?” is the first question in our SCRAP THAT PLASTIC workshop quiz. A quiz that takes participants through the history of plastic, how it is made, its uses, recycling and the problems of disposables. It always generates a lot of animated discussion as children share their previous knowledge and discover the sheer volume of plastic waste. Students learn the importance of closed loop recycling, they explore the realities of virgin plastic production, and share ideas on how to reduce, reuse and recycle. We acknowledge that plastic is light, flexible, colourful, easy to make, almost indestructible and USEFUL. But it is also those reasons that single use plastic is damaging.

This month, thanks to support from Central England Coop, we have worked in two Holme Valley Schools – New Mill Junior and Scholes Junior and Infant School. We were joined by members of the cooperative in our workshop and invited Tanya Noon, Member and Community Relations Officer, to speak to the students about the work the coop are doing to reduce plastic waste. This includes removing plastic from pizza packaging and cotton buds; recycling soft plastics in stores; using recycled plastic in their water bottles and working to remove the plastic film in sandwich packaging. Tanya shared the complexities they experience and the difficulties in changing customer behaviour.

Perhaps the favourite part of a SCRAP THAT PLASTIC workshop is the making! The classroom becomes an art studio with everyone creating their own individual artwork and working collaboratively to produce a recycled sea creature. The space to create also gives space for conversation, creativity, and conservation. The atmosphere in the classroom is full of chatter about steps we can all take to change the world from teachers and students alike.

“A fabulous workshop; a good balance between thinking, talking and doing. Informative and thoughtful fairandfunky inject creativity into the classroom. I now have lots of great ideas to add to topics we do already.” Year 5 teacher feedback.

SCRAP THAT PLASTIC is one of our favourite workshops to deliver. We love the responses from the students as their passion to look after the environment shines through. SCRAP THAT PLASTIC brings awareness they have learnt from watching David Attenborough to life in the classroom. It connects sustainability and climate change to science, DT, art, literacy, and geography. And it is with this knowledge that students are empowered to take their own little steps to change the world. To book a workshop for your school please email

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