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Turtle Bags Change the World!

Tomato planter recycledOne of our inspirational suppliers includes a company called Turtle Bags, who supply us with a series of unique herb and vegetable planters, which are produced by the Women’s Uplift Program in Bangladesh.


The concept of Turtle Bags was, believe it or not, inspired by Turtles: these ancient creatures were around on the planet when the dinosaurs were here. There are five species of turtles that visit us here in the UK. They travel thousands of kilometres in the summer months, looking in particular for jellyfish. The most frequently sighted turtles are the leatherback. In 2006 the UN Environment Programme estimated that there were 18,000 pieces of plastic floating in every square kilometre of sea. Fish are not the only ones to suffer from our pollution; turtles often mistake plastic for the jellyfish that they feed on and suffocate on the bags.


Turtle Bags has such a commitment to the environment, that all of their bags are made from organic or recycled materials, such as cement bags and fishing nets.


Turtle bagsFrom the profits made through the sale of these bags, Turtle Bags also invest in turtle conservation projects across the globe. Working with a number of women’s groups, they are able to employ villagers as nest and egg protectors in areas such as Sri Lanka, developing more sustainable sources of income, and a better environment for the turtles.


Thank you to Turtle Bags for the use of their producer photograph.

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