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Think Global, Act Local – Fairtrade Fortnight Blog

We asked “How do you Go Further for Fairtrade and Change The World?” This is our local MP Jason McCartney‘s answer:


The recent horsemeat scandal has generated a long overdue national debate about where our food actually comes from. In one of the many recent House of Commons debates on this issue I took the opportunity to praise and highlight the many Farmers Markets, Food Co-operatives and shop local campaigns that are flourishing in our part of the world. I firmly believe the shell shocked meat industry can recover by learning from the Fairtrade movement.


Consumers are now demanding high quality products from a source that they know and trust. Customers are crucially now prepared in ever increasing numbers to pay fair prices to the growers or producers. These are the time tested tenets of Fairtrading. This gives all of us an opportunity to spread the word on the ethical benefits of Fairtrade.


When it comes to the meat we are lucky to have Coddy’s, Hinchliffe’s, Brindon Addy’s, Sharlands and many more right here in the Holme Valley and we are equally fortunate when it comes to fairtrade goods. Coffee, chocolate and rice are the staple fairtrade goods in my kitchen cupboard. We’re lucky to have local shops stocking Fairtrade products and that will hopefully expand thanks to the numbers of young people getting involved.


The Young Ethical Pioneers scheme and the Not Just a Trading company are seeing local youngsters learning to build their own businesses selling and marketing Fairtrade products. The Pioneers gain skills and income whilst building relationships through trade with the people who grow the products.


You can find out more about this Ethical Enterprise – and meet them at the fairandfunky FAIRTRADE family funday.


Let’s all support Fairtrade – not just for Fairtrade Fortnight.

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