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The Wonderful Gift of Letters

Here at fairandfunky we regularly volunteer with Give A Few Words….. We love getting creative and writing letters of positive cheer for members of our community. As ‘Give’ launch their big #LettersForChristmas appeal we invite Sharron Wilkinson to our guest blog:

“Writing “positive uplifting letters” to people you don’t know may sound a bit of an unusual thing to do, but one that Give…A Few Words (a local Huddersfield born organisation) does, with far reaching impact. It’s letter writing is it’s oldest form, beautiful handwritten words but also with an added contemporary twist. People can type, draw, send in their phone snapped photos…anything that can fit in an envelope. We receive the most beautiful words but also gorgeous water colour paintings, origami, knitted items, sketch books, photography, poetry…and lots more. These are mostly personalised, so you are writing to someone (whose name and interests you have been given) and are posted out as “Gifts of Letters”. The people who receive these, say they are completely blown away by the “wonderful words and the kindness of strangers”.

Give…A Few Words gears up for its busiest time of the year writing #LettersforChristmas, and last week we held a series of brilliant events; including a fairandfunky creative session making bird mobiles, coffee and cake sessions, a writing and wellbeing workshop and making clay decorations.  The cards and crafts created will go out in the Christmas post to hundreds of people across Kirklees and Calderdale to spread a little cheer.

We are seriously racing against time in November and December as we are writing so many letters and cards.  We have a core team of volunteers who are some of the kindest people we have ever met. These include individuals, families (who write together), businesses, schools, colleges, Rotary clubs, youth clubs…We also have people who write a “one off letter”. All letters are hugely appreciated and volunteers say that they find it really helpful for their own wellbeing focusing on just positive thoughts and words only. We always need new volunteers too and this volunteer opportunity is open to all. We just ask that any under 16’s receive parental/guardian consent first.

Since it’s early beginnings, Give…A Few Words has incredibly appeared on the BBC News at Ten, in the local and national press and recently founder Sharron Wilkinson did a Ted X talk talking about the importance of social connections.  

The biggest impact though, is when we receive a phone call from someone saying that they have spent the morning crying “happy tears” because of the “Gift of letters” that they have received, from people that they don’t know, just for them. This is priceless.

If you can help write one letter this Christmas, donate some unused Christmas cards (without envelopes better) or offer any support at all. Please visit email or connect with us on social media.”

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