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Sustainable Schools Conference shares little steps to change the world!

“An engaging, informative and thought provoking day to learn about sustainability.” Teacher feedback

The fairandfunky Sustainable Schools Conference on Friday 7th June at IMWS Centre in Batley, welcomed schools from across Yorkshire to celebrate World Environment Day and learn about Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in fun, creative and engaging ways giving innovative ideas and inspiration for teachers and students to take learning back to the school environments and take action to change the world!


All fairandfunky workshops and events empower people to take their own little steps to change the world and encourage people to think about the world around them: locally and globally. The Sustainable Schools Conference linked topics from the Eco-Schools programme with four SDGs to do this:


“Fun, educational and inspiring; great way to support eco work in school’ Teacher feedback

Clean Water (SDG 6) – in workshops from Water Explorers students discovered some incredible facts about water around the world, and learnt how to ensure access to safe water sources and sanitation for all. Did you know that you use up to 80litres of water when you take a bath? But we all need to wash – if you switch to a 5 minute shower instead you’re only using 35 litres! Little steps change the world so students created a drip, drop, tip, tap RAP to encourage others to take little steps and save water too.


Life on Land (SDG 15) – innovative drama workshops from Pockets Theatre showed how communities can live sustainably and halt biodiversity loss! Student delegates created dramatic performance pieces as they stepped into an imaginary meeting of powerful people and decided the future of their town.  Students discovered how the decisions we make have an impact on our communities… can you make the right choices and create a sustainable town? Remember, little steps change the world!


“An excellent conference, very informative, lots of fun and really engaging.” Teacher feedback

Climate Action (SDG 13)fairandfunky asked the question ‘What do you do with your rubbish?’ and as students sorted through a bag of household rubbish they discovered it’s not always easy to recycle waste – there are different rules across the country and there is simply too much waste being created. 


What can we do to reduce our waste and reduce our impact on our planet? Students discovered the SIX R’s of sustainability – to Rethink, to Reduce, to Reuse, to Repair, to Refuse and then to Recycle. And all made their own litter bug out of rubbish to take home and share messages from the conference.



“So many ideas of way we can all help our school save energy.” Teacher feedback

Clean Energy (SDG 7)– Through maths games, quizzes and activities the workshops with Energy Heroes inspired students to use energy in a way which is sustainable for all and empowered them to take action to save the world!  There are lots of different ways we can all take little energy saving steps to cut down on our energy consumption and home, at school and at work. Little steps change the world.


The conference closed with certificate presentations from Tracy Brabin MP who was delighted to see so many students engaging with sustainability and children who care about the planet, and shared the work being done in Parliament to reduce waste.


Thank you to all who took part in the fairandfunky Sustainable Schools Conference and for taking your own little steps to change the world.


The fairandfunky Sustainable Schools Conference was sponsored by The One Community Foundation



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