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Sustainability Steps

Sustainability Steps is our new workshop looking at the impact we all have on our planet everyday and how we can take action to make our impact on the world around us a green and sustainable one. We have piloted these workshops in schools across Kirklees and Calderdale thanks to support from Suma Wholefoods, as they celebrate the launch of their sustainability strategy (click here to find out more).

Talking carbon footprints, greenhouse gas emissions, climate change and sustainability can be a confusion of scientific terms to young children, our workshop teaches these terms in an innovative and accessible way to primary schools. It links to topics covered in Science, Geography and English with creative learning.

The workshop begins with the question: “What do we all do every day?” An open question with a myriad of answers: I eat my breakfast, I brush my teeth, I get dressed, I go to school, I play on my computer, I watch TV. The list is endless; but each of these actions have an impact on our planet; and these impacts are measured by your carbon footprint. The more we travel, buy new things, throw rubbish in the bin (again, the list is endless!) the bigger our carbon footprint.

“The workshop allowed the children to learn in a fun, creative way. It built on previous learning to embed an understanding of how to look after our planet.” Diamond Wood Academy

So, the second question: “How can we turn these footprints into green and sustainable ones?” We’re always impressed by their thoughtful responses, and how quick they are to understand that little steps to change the world make a big difference. Discussions follow on power, waste and recycling, food growing, walking to school, and buying second hand.

The workshop continues with the BIG GREEN QUIZ to consolidate knowledge and understanding as to how making changes to behaviour makes a real difference. Did you know each child throws away 45kg of wastepaper every year? But if we were to recycle that we would save 7 trees? Did you know that when you leave a tap on whilst brushing your teeth you can waste over 24 litres of water? Or did you know 21% of all greenhouse gases come from leaving lights on or leaving a computer/tv on standby? Switch it off!

“Engaging, and artistic, the workshop taught different ways to be sustainable with fantastic information and delivery.
Thank you for a super afternoon.”  Wainstalls School.

We do these things (recycling, saving energy, walking to school and more) to show our love and care for the planet. To carry these messages home and provide prompts for deeper conversations each child then creates their own individual work of art using recycled materials. The classroom turns into an art studio with everyone working hard to design a green love heart from old magazines and cardboard boxes.

We know that governments, businesses, and organisations have a huge part to play in taking action against climate change, but so do individuals. The power of our little steps to change the world should not be underestimated. It’s important to RETHINK the actions we do every day. To REUSE our resources, to REPAIR our old clothes and broken things. To REFUSE bags in shops and cups in coffee shops. To REFILL and REPURPOSE when we can. And, of course, RECYCLE.

Talking about the steps we can take is the very first way to change the world. We hope we inspire conversations, discussions, ideas and then action through our workshops. Knowing that the children share their learning in whole school assemblies to promote positive messages across the school community is very rewarding.

If your school is interested in booking ‘Sustainability Steps’ please email for details.

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