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Shop Local – Change The World!

We are delighted to welcome Team Pugh to the guest blog. Shopping local and changing the world!


Hello – we are Team Pugh! We are made up of Ian, Becksie and little Lizzie! We are just ‘ordinary’ folk who like most other ‘ordinary’ folk thought that we could never change the world!  We enjoy eating, cooking, thinking about food, talking about food so, we wanted to start writing about food. Now as Becksie had lots of time sat whilst breastfeeding Lizzie she thought and thought about starting a blog as she read loads and wanted to give it a go. After lots of thinking time and no results one day an idea hit her!!


What if we could conduct an experiment? An experiment to give us something to blog about, an experiment that would hopefully help us to save money: What if we could live for a year without shopping in supermarkets?


We went on a trial shop to explore the options! And, guess what? No dirty trolleys, no unexpected items in the bagging area! And……. much better quality produce, a huge saving and only a teeny tiny amount of packaging! We were converted!


We were so excited that instead of waiting until the 1st January 2013 we randomly started on November 5th 2012 and we have not look back! We have a strict £50 per week budget and have set ourselves challenge rules (read them on our Rules page complete with a penalties should we mess up (which we haven’t so far). So 16 weeks in great food eaten and a cool £182 in the savings account (for a lovely holiday). We realise that not only have we changed our world but what we have done has had an impact on others and therefore these ‘ordinary folk’ have changed the world!


So how have we changed the world? Well:


We have put our money into the local economy which will hopefully help to keep the local economy alive – long live the high street and the butchers, the bakers and the candlestick makers.


We have shouted (tweeted, facebooked, been on the radio and in the local news) our message from the roof top – ‘ordinary family saves money and eats better by shopping locally’ and…… we have been overwhelmed by the response! So many wonderful people have got in touch to say that they are on the same journey as us or that our journey has made them think about how they shop and a few have even decided to join us.


We have reduced our rubbish which is a brilliant way to change the world!


We have made new friends who have taught us new things and have broadened our horizons! And we have eaten some AWESOME local food!


So that’s us ‘ordinary folk’ doing our bit to #changetheworld! Follow our journey at

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