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SCRAPtastic Summer Craft Ideas!

Schools out for Summer and families are busy looking for ways to keep everyone entertained……look no further! Each week during the school holidays we will post a SCRAPtastic craft for you to do – all you will need is glue, scissors and bits and pieces from around the house: crafts that don’t cost the earth. And don’t forget you can buy your own copy of SCRAPtastic Book* that is packed full of crafty ways to recycle your rubbish and will give you LOTS of ideas!  


This weeks Summer SCRAPtastic crafty idea to recycle your rubbish is a bottle planter and vase. And all you need is an old plastic bottle, scraps of paper (tissue paper or magazines or old envelopes) and string.


Step 1: Cut your plastic bottle in half – gently squeeze the bottle, make a small cut, release and then insert scissors to cut all the way round your bottle.


Step 2: Turn the top of your bottle upside down and pierce 3 holes at the top. Thread string through each of these holes and tie together at the top. Tuck the string inside your bottle as you complete Step 3!


Step 3: Cover the bottle with PVA glue and stick on scraps of paper to your own design. Once dry, fill the bottle with compost and plant seeds inside! We highly recommend Seedball for a vibrant display of beautiful wildflowers hanging outside your front door!


Step 4: Repeat step 3 on the bottom half of your bottle to create a vase for displaying flowers INSIDE the house!


Happy SCRAPtastic crafting! And don’t forget to order your copy of SCRAPtastic Book……and *use code SUMMER to receive free postage on your order


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