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SCRAPtastic Stories – Someone Swallowed Stanley!

We love our range of SCRAPtastic Stories workshops and were delighted to end last half term with a SCRAPtastic Story workshop at Holmfirth J&I School. SCRAPtastic Stories workshops were designed to teach early years and Key Stage 1 children about sustainability, the environment, and a sense of responsibility. We are never too young (nor too old!) to learn how we each have an impact on the planet and how we can all take little steps to change the world.

The workshop begins by looking through bins – “don’t worry, they’re clean,” we always reassure nervous participants. We then talk about the items people throw away everyday……paper, magazines, cardboard, yoghurt pots, clothes, plastic bottles. We know these items shouldn’t be thrown away, yet they are. In fact, 60% of household rubbish could be recycled. We think about each item individually – what should we do with an old newspaper? Or a toilet roll tube? We love that many children suggest ideas for re-using without being prompted and tell us all about their craft boxes at home or how their hamsters love their rubbish! In our workshop we move the waste from the rubbish bin to the recycling bin, but as we do, we say “STOP! Don’t throw it away, make something!” and by looking in our recycling bin children discover other ways to rethink their waste – finding toys, jewellery, pen pots and more.  We demonstrate that when you think about your rubbish and how you could re-use it you are reducing the amount of waste heading to landfill. We are showing how to extend the life of everyday materials and inspiring a generation to get creative.

Then it’s time for a story. With Year 1 at Holmfirth J&I School the chosen SCRAPtastic story was ‘Somebody Swallowed Stanley’ by Sarah Roberts, illustrated by Hannah Peck. It’s a great book for showing the dangers of litter in our environments. Stanley, a plastic bag, is swept into the sea and a variety of animals try to eat him, including a turtle. They mistake the floating bag for a jellyfish and think it is food. Luckily, the turtle is found by a child who takes Stanley out of the ocean and instead of throwing him away, chooses to make something! Sound familiar?! And everyone in Year 1 makes something too! We all made a jellyfish by reusing yoghurt pots, off cut of felt and scraps of string. We need to look after our planet and all who live in it, and these jellyfish could be carried home to share these messages and begin conversations on conversation.

“A fun, engaging and creative workshop provided inspiration for recycling and looking after our planet, as well as ideas for art and DT lessons.”

Year 1 Class teacher, Holmfirth J&I School.

Thank you to all the children in Year 1 for taking your own little steps to change the world in a fairandfunky workshop.

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