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SCRAPtastic Showcase!

We’re delighted to bring the very first fairandfunky art exhibition to Temporary Contemporary at Queensgate Market in Huddersfield  until end of May 2019.


SCRAPtastic Showcase brings together a collection of artwork made in SCRAPtastic workshops across Kirklees. In all SCRAPtastic workshops only recycled items are used, with the rallying cry: “Don’t throw it away, make something!”


We are all connected – everything we do, everything we buy, everything we eat, everything we wear, everything we throw away, has an impact on our planet. Do you know where the things you use and eat every day are from? Do you know who made them? Do you know what happens to your rubbish?


Join us, to BE SCRAPtastic at Queensgate Market with our new project: Choose To Refuse. This too will look at ways to re-use and recycle everyday rubbish to discover alternatives to the everyday rubbish we use only once. In four drop in workshops participants will make individual artworks to take home, and also be invited to help create a ‘Choose to Refuse’ exhibition.


‘Choose to Refuse’ will include works from all who engage with Queensgate market  – customers, families, and traders – and will be part of Temporary Contemporary exhibition space in June 2019.


 You can join other SCRAPtastic workshops throughout Kirklees over the Spring and Summer months – click here to discover when and where the next workshop will be!

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