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RICE CHALLENGE! How a bag of rice can change the world…..

Did you know that a rice farmer from Malawi needs to sell 90kg of rice to be able to afford to send their child to school for a year?


Next week, inspired by Just Trading Scotland we launch the “Harvest Rice Challenge”: we aim to sell 90kg of rice three times over to change the world for farmers and their families.  We would like your help, and you can join us in three ways:


Rice step 1 – Buy the rice!



We invite EVERYONE  to join us in the challenge and buy rice! We welcome the opportunity to have a fairandfunky pop-up shop at new term/harvest coffee mornings. Or to have  a pop-up shop at your place of work.


To buy delicious Kilombero rice please click here!


To book a pop up shop please get in touch!



Rice Step 2 – “From Farm to Fork” Presentation


Book a fairandfunky presentation at your networking event or assembly for your school – through an interactive 15 minutes presentation we will ignite interest and enthusiasm about “Where does rice come from?” and how, we, as individuals can use our buying power to change the world! Ideally, we would like every group who books an presentation to buy a bag of rice.


Rice Step 3 – “From Farm to Fork” Workshop


Encourage your local school or youth group to book a NEW fairandfunky workshop. Our new “Farm to Fork Workshop” focuses on Malawi, the farmers, the culture, and the journey of rice from the farms to our forks in the UK. Lasting 60 minutes participants will be engaged through interactive workshops, role-play, activities, video presentations and a quiz. The workshop costs £150 and includes a bag of rice! 


To join in with any one of these rice steps please get in touch to change the world!


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