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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! “Don’t throw it away – make something!”

“At Methley Primary School we’re launching a child led enquiry topic based on the statement: People can adapt to sustain the planets finite resources. Can you help?”


Yes we can!


"I loved learning how to make things from rubbish!"

“I loved learning how to make things from rubbish!”

All fairandfunky workshops encourage participants to look at the world around them and empower people of all ages with the knowledge that their actions can have a positive impact on the world around them; both locally and globally.  So we took to our range of SCRAPtastic workshops to focus on recycling as a way in which each of us can take little steps to change the world.


The session began with a quick recycling fact finding mission: Did you know that 60% of the rubbish we throw away could be recycled? Did you know a third of all clothes end up in landfill? Or that one family throws away 6 trees worth of paper and card every year?


"I'm going to recycle more and change the world."

“I’m going to recycle more and change the world.”

At fairandfunky we encourage people to change these facts, and change the world! By thinking about where our rubbish goes, and what we do with it we’re starting to make a difference to our local and global environments. When you throw something away – stop, and think – can this be recycled? Can this be reused? And in fairandfunky SCRAPtastic workshops we encourage people not to throw things away……but to make something!


Students were encouraged to think about how we use the world’s resources and how we can all live sustainably – in our homes, as we walk to school, and as we learn.


"I've learnt that I can change the world!"

“I’ve learnt that I can change the world!”

Students split into 4 groups to recycle household rubbish into something SCRAPtastic: yoghurt pot puppets, eleplanters from old milk cartons (because elephants NEVER forget, and these elephants will never forget to recycle!), lightcatchers from old CDs and buttons, and bird mobiles from old Christmas cards.


Each student made something to take home, to start conversations, and to continue thinking about what we do with our rubbish everyday. Students were encouraged to ask themselves “Do I need something new? Could I buy something recycled? From a charity shop? Could I make something?”


"Children really enjoyed the workshops, a great hook for Enquiry Lessons." Class teacher

“Children really enjoyed the workshops, a great hook for Enquiry Lessons.” Class teacher

Asking questions, taking action, living sustainably. Children at Methley Primary School are well on their way to taking their own little steps to change the world. Congratulations to them all!


If you would like to book a fairandfunky workshop for your school please contact 

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