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Recycling Workshops at Hillside Primary to celebrate Recycle Week!

What better way to celebrate recycling week than with not one, but TWO SCRAPtastic workshops at Hillside Primary School in Huddersfield. Our innovative SCRAPtastic recycling workshops inspire creativity in students of all ages and abilities as students discover the importance of the 6 R’s (rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle) through interactive activities.

“fairandfunky were great! A fun and creative workshop, the children gained lots of knowledge about recycling and where rubbish goes. They are now better informed and understand how they can help.”

Year One Classteacher – Hillside Primary School

The first task is to look through a rubbish bin (a clean one from the fairandfunky prop department!) and consider the things we throw away. Should we be putting them in the bin? Could we re-use them? Do we even need them in the first place? How can we reduce our waste? Can it be recycled? Every item found in our bin could be recycled, so the next task for the students is to put the rubbish in the recycling bin instead.

But at fairandfunky we say: “Don’t throw it away, make something!” so as the children approached the recycling bin to dispose of the items they were invited to instead find a recycled artwork. To their delight they discovered yoghurt pot skittles, t’shirt yarn juggling balls, paper jewellery, plastic bottle planters, and more!

It’s important for us all to think about the impact we have on the planet – especially with the items we use and throwaway every day. When you recycle instead of throwing away you are reducing the amount of waste being sent to landfill. You are making a difference. When you repair, reuse, rethink, or repurpose your rubbish you are keeping items in use for longer and saving resources. You are making a difference; you are taking little steps to change the world.

“A fun, engaging and inspiring workshop from fairandfunky, reinforced their knowledge of eco-learning.”

Year 4 Classteacher – Hillside Primary School

To carry these messages out of the classroom each child then made an independent artwork from recycled materials. With Year 1 we made recycling superhero masks from waste cardboard and scrap paper – discussing the importance of using recycled paper to protect trees. And with Year 4 we made elephants that NEVER forget to recycle from old milk cartons. Interestingly this sparked a discussion at one table, with one student declaring, “We should all get our milk delivered so we don’t need these plastic ones!”

We are thrilled to hear that our workshops inspire conversations around waste and how we can all take little steps to change the world. Thank you to Hillside Primary School for welcoming us to your school. If you would like a fairandfunky workshop for your school PLEASE CLICK HERE to take a look at the range of workshops we offer and book now for the Spring term!

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