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Recycling with Divine Chocolate……..packaging!

paper craneAt fairandfunky we empower people to take their own little steps to change the world. Our workshops encourage people to think about the actions you take everyday and how to change those to make a positive difference in local, and global, communities.


Our two favourite steps ANYONE can take to change the world are, put simply, to buy Fairtrade, and to recycle. So when we have the opportunity to combine those two things together we are very pleased indeed!


20150114_140739Back in December 2014 two whole pallet loads of Divine Chocolate packaging arrived at fairandfunky HQ (you need to ask @fairfunkyhelen about the details!!) and we have been creating and recycling ever since.


Talking about Fairtrade is something all of us can do, and it’s by starting these conversations that questions begin to be asked: Where does our food come from? Who made it? How much did it cost? How much are producers paid? We have talked Fairtrade, run Fairtrade workshops, and made Fairtrade ‘things’ with 1000’s of children since the arrival of the packaging! With children from the age of 2 to their Grandparents. And with each Fairtrade ‘thing’ taken home, 1000’s of conversations have begun – hopefully leading to more understanding, and to the buying of more Fairtrade products.


posterAnd of course we’ve been recycling too! The average family throws away 6 trees worth of paper every year. We don’t want to be average – we want to reduce that figure, and demonstrate that you don’t need to buy NEW craft kits, but you can use everyday rubbish that everyday folks leave behind.


From mobiles to masks, jewellery to greetings cards; you can make anything and everything from Divine Chocolate packaging – have a go! And share the results with us on facebook or twitter!


Schools Poster CompetitionIn September, fairandfunky launched a poster competition for Primary Schools: Fairtrade For The Future; inviting children to create a poster on this theme using Divine Chocolate packaging. The deadline for this competition ends on January 29th…..have you entered yet?


For full details on how to enter the competition please click here.


And to order divine packaging for your own recycled Fairtrade crafting conversations please click here.


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