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Our Climate Our Voice

Last week we joined schools from across Kirklees at The Young People’s Festival – organised by the Kirklees Council Climate Change team, the aim of the event was to bring students together to build on climate conversations with young people, so they feel heard and understand they play a big part of the council’s vision to be ‘Net Zero and climate ready by 2038’.

The theme of this year’s festival linked into the ‘Waste’ topic from Eco-Schools England so we were invited to run our ‘What’s in Your Wallet?’ workshop in which every student made a wallet from an old juice carton. But why?

We are all connected. Each and every one of us, no matter how young or how old, from councillors and headteachers, to Year One and Year 11 children, has the power to make a difference to the world we live in. From the clothes we wear and the places we choose to shop, from the food we eat and its providence, from the things we use and how we dispose of them. Each action impacts on our planet and it’s up to US to make that action a positive one.

What do you do with your waste? There is simply too much waste being produced and it’s time to take action. To REthink, REpurpose, REduce, REuse, REimagine, REpair, and REfuse. Recycling should be the very last thing we do with waste! Making the wallet stimulated discussion around these issues and got people thinking.

This was our favourite part of the day. We couldn’t believe how easy it was to make a wallet that actually worked! We were excited to take them home to show our parents and we will definitely use our tetra packs in school to show other classes how to do it too.

Hepworth School eco council

The final instruction was to place a Fairtrade sticker in the middle the wallet. Another prompt for discussion. Our shopping habits also make a difference to people and planet. We can choose to shop local, to buy organic, to buy Fairtrade. And when we buy Fairtrade we are supporting people most affected by climate change. We are investing in producers to develop biodiversity, reduce waste, prevent flooding and empower communities. The very things studied in the eco-school programme.

Our range of school workshops complement the eco-school topics and we’d welcome the opportunity to work with your school. Please contact us to discuss your requirements, and together we will take little steps to change the world.

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