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Never too young (or too old!) to change the world!

Last week our fairandfunky workshops for schools took us to a small village school, to run our popular ‘Chocolate and Fairtrade’ workshop with a class of 4 and 5 year olds.


Thurstonland April 2015All fairandfunky workshops encourage participants to look at the world around them and empower people of all ages with the knowledge that their actions can have a positive impact on the world around them; both locally and globally.  It doesn’t matter how young, or how old you are, each of us can take little steps to change the world. This workshop focussed on Fairtrade as a way in which each of us can take little steps to change the world; and complemented their current topic of ‘Africa’.


The children were first asked: “Where does chocolate come from?” We were met by some very serious thoughtful faces and then the brilliant answers! With further questioning the children were able to list the different roles along the supply chain of chocolate from bean to bar: from cocoa farmers to factory workers; from truck drivers to shop keepers. By the end of the session over 10 children were at the front of the class, holding a sign to represent each role.



Photo credit – Divine Chocolate

“When you eat a bar of chocolate do you think about all of these people involved in the supply chain or do you just quickly eat your delicious chocolate?” It’s easy to forget about the people behind the products we eat every day, particularly, in this case, the cocoa farmer right at the beginning of the supply chain.


The children then played the part of six key roles along the supply chain: cocoa farmers, shops, shipping companies, other farmers, chocolate companies and the government. “How much do you think each of them should be paid for the work they do?” A bar of chocolate was shared out among them with 2 pieces of chocolate paid to the shipping company, 5 pieces paid to the shops, 9 pieces paid to the chocolate companies, 4 pieces paid to the government, 3 pieces paid to other farmers, leaving just 1 piece for the chocolate farmers. “THAT’S NOT FAIR” said many of the children. “How can we make this fair?”


This is where Fairtrade comes in. When chocolate companies use Fairtrade ingredients they are paying a fair price to farmers. This was demonstrated to the reception/Year 1 children at Thurstonland First School by the cocoa farmer and the chocolate company shaking hands and sharing their pieces of chocolate – the cocoa farmers don’t have just 1 piece anymore.  The children watched a video from Divine Chocolate’s ‘Pa Pa Paa’ resource to learn more.


Fairtrade guarantees a fair price is paid to farmers. It also pays an added premium to invest in community projects: to build new schools, improve water supplies, invest in school buses, training and education for farmers and their families and more. Buying a Fairtrade product means the lives of farmers and their communities can be improved and each of us have the power to do just that. Buy Fairtrade and change lives.


Thurstonland April 2015Each child made a Fairtrade flag to fly the flag for Fairtrade and share knowledge learnt around school and at home. And all enjoyed a piece of Divine Chocolate with cocoa beans from Fairtrade farmers in Ghana!


“It’s important that children of a young age understand the importance of Fairtrade, this workshop has introduced the idea in an accessible, interactive fun way. The workshop helped put our Africa topic into context.”

Mrs. Norris Reception/Year 1 teacher


Congratulations to all the children from Thurstonland First School for taking their own little steps to change the world in a fairandfunky workshop.


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