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Meet fairandfunky friends! (blog #6)

‘Meet fairandfunky friends’ is our series of blogs to get to know the people behind fairandfunky, the people we work with, and how together we take little steps to change the world. Today we welcome fairandfunky director Janet Bebb to the blog to answer our questions……

Who are you, where are you from and what do you do? I’m Janet Bebb from Social Progress based in Honley. We help businesses with social media management, social media training, websites and a whole host of other digital marketing elements.

What makes you a fairandfunky friend? I’ve been a friend and supporter of fairandfunky since their inception. As Sophie is my daughter it only felt right to support her and Helen in their business venture. However, over time being a Director of fairandfunky has helped me, my business (Social Progress) and my wider personal and business network in putting sustainability, environmental, recycling, fairtrade and ethical issues at the forefront of all we do.

What little steps do you take to change the world? There’s so many things you can do to make those small changes. We’ve embedded it into our own daily routines in the office. From securing a local milkman who delivers our milk in glass bottles that are then recycled; to reducing the number of bins and therefore plastic bin liners used around the office from 8 down to one central bin that split into recycled products and waste; and we buy toilet paper in bulk that’s totally plastic free. We also only ever buy Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar in the office and at home. We have low energy lighting both at home and in the office and we try to keep printing to a minimum. Recycling and environmental suggestions / ideas are an agenda item on every monthly team meeting agenda and is discussed to find new ways to reduce our carbon footprint. And wherever I go, I always have my trusty collapsible and reusable cup by my side. I never buy bottled water or drinks. Preferring to buy cans if I must or taking a reusable water bottle with me. There’s literally so many things you can do to make a difference and in turn, hopefully, encourage others to do the same.

Who influences or inspires you? And why? Naturally, Sophie and Helen inspire and influence me. It’s great to see how they make a difference and how I can adopt and follow their lead. I’m also inspired by my friends who have a similar viewpoint as me in terms of looking after the planet we live in. People like Karen Patten, Michelle Teakle, Debbie Heppleston and Zelda Petvin who point me in the direction of ethical businesses and practices to be more planet friendly. I get a weekly Google Alert on what’s happening in the world in terms of reducing single use plastics and I’m an advocate for some organisations who put ethical trading and the environment central to their organisation, such as Café Direct, Who Gives A Crap, Patagonia, People Tree and of course, Divine Chocolate!

Why – because we all should care about the place we live and we’re all responsible for the impact we have in the actions we take. Also, because I’d like there to be a positive future for my children, their children and all future generations. If we all try to do our own little bit, it will make a massive difference.

How do YOU inspire others to take little steps to change the world? Hopefully by my own actions and influences. By talking to others on what changes I’m made that have made a difference, by posting on my social media my own little steps and at Social Progress by writing blog posts, posting on the business social media about how we, have made some small steps to become more earth friendly and kind to the planet.

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