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Meet fairandfunky friends! (Blog #14)

Our blog series to meet fairandfunky friends continues. We’re loving finding out a little bit more about the people we work with, and how they take little steps to change the world – we hope you are too. The words people share confirm that we choose great partnerships! This week we welcome Mr. Crouch from Hepworth J&I School to answer our questions…..

Who are you, where are you from and what do you do? I am Mark Crouch, Headteacher at Hepworth J & I School. I currently live in Penistone but have moved around a lot. I was Deputy Head at Netherthong before I moved to Hepworth.

What makes you a fairandfunky friend? I feel like I have worked alongside fairandfunky for a while now. I kept bumping into them at eco events and I think we see things the same way. They now come into Hepworth each week and run their ‘scraptastic’ club with some of our pupils. This is brilliant – pupils make amazing things out of scrap in an hour!

What little steps do you take to change the world? The main thing we try to do is inform and educate our children and families. I feel that as Head I have a voice and an audience and I should use it. We are an eco-school and we work towards different eco objectives each year with a team of keen pupils.

Who influences or inspires you? And why? I worry about the future for my children. I am inspired by those who fight for the future of our planet and I despair at the politicians and big business that sacrifice this for money and power. I feel sorry for the natural world who are being driven to extinction by humans. Chris Packham is a hero of mine as he stands up for the creatures who have no voice.

How do YOU inspire others to take little steps to change the world? Hopefully I inspire some of the Hepworth community. I know that our pupils care, once they know what is happening. They are usually shocked when they hear what is happening.

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