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Meet fairandfunky and friends! (blog #3)

‘Meet fairandfunky and friends’ is our new series of blogs to get to know the people behind fairandfunky, the people we work with, and how together, we take little steps to change the world. This week is Holme Valley Green Week so the perfect time to welcome our friend Sian from Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership to the blog to answer our questions……

Who are you, where are you from and what do you do? I’m Sian Taylor, Development Worker at Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership.  I work alongside community members, groups and businesses in the Holme Valley to promote climate awareness and action.

What makes you a fairandfunky friend? It’s great to work with fairandfunky in encouraging all the little steps along our journey as a community to greater sustainability.  We have a huge challenge in limiting and adapting to climate change, but through working together we can achieve change for the better.

What little steps do you take to change the world?

I’ve changed a number of things and keep looking for those little steps in the right direction as well as bigger commitments.  The things I love to share though, are those that save me money!  Often once I’ve made changes, I wonder why I ever did it any other way.  Years ago I looked at plastic packaging in my home and quit buying a few things.  Two examples:  Why did I ever buy clingfilm?  I now can’t imagine why I’d need it when I have reusable boxes and food covers. I look back and wonder why I threw money away.  Another change I wish I’d made sooner – Switching to shampoo bars.  The changeover did involve hair that had to recover from years of chemical exposure, but now it needs less frequent washing and costs a lot less in products and those pesky plastic bottles!

Who influences or inspires you? And why? I’m inspired by lots of people that aren’t famous but quietly do what they can to protect our planet, but for a name that everyone will recognise, it has to be David Attenborough.  He’s done so much to show us what a beautiful and fragile world we live in, and emphasise the importance of changing how we use the planet’s resources before it’s too late.

How do YOU inspire others to take little steps to change the world? When we think about the changes we need to live more sustainably we often focus on what we have to give up. I really want to shout about what we gain and the positive things that come from shifting away from a linear, throw away, consuming, model.  Through learning from the past, innovation, and above all, working positively together, we can move to something so much better.  I hope to be just a small part in helping make that happen.

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