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Make it Fair: Around the World with Fairtrade Chocolate

Fairtrade Fortnight logos - thumbnailDuring Fairtrade Fortnight fairandfunky host TWO Fairtrade Conferences for Schools on the theme ‘Around The World’. Inspiring over 200 children to think about where products come from and who made them; empowering them to change the world.  


Delighted to welcome David Greenwood-Haigh from Coeur de Xocolat, one of our brilliant conference workshop providers, to today’s guest blog:


dgh profile (8)“Hello from DGH chocolatier – And a warm welcome to this my blog on how to help make your snacks and school a little more Fairtrade Friendly.


I have been working with Fairtrade chocolate for more than 14 years.


Fairtrade is a system designed to ensure that growers in developing countries are paid a fair and stable price for the goods that we buy from them. Fairtrade is a growing movement all over the world and has a growing network of friends and supporters – from individuals who buy FAIRTRADE Mark products when out shopping, right through to businesses such as Traidcraft and Divine Chocolate whose core mission is to build sales of products that give hope for a better future to people living in less developed countries.


Why Fairtrade?

Farmers all over the world, who grow cocoa coffee, rice and more, are often very poor. They struggle to survive within a system of world trade that is not fair.


Photo credit: Divine Chocolate

Photo credit: Divine Chocolate

Whilst big companies continue to make profits, the lives of small-scale producers and workers the world over are getting worse. As market prices fall, many are forced into crippling debt and lose their land, homes and even their lives. Although trade systems are a current cause of poverty, they are also a possible solution. Fairtrade means paying poorer farmers a fair price for the work they do, and guarantees that the price they are paid will always cover the cost of production. Fairtrade is not about charity – if producers are paid a fair price for their products, they don’t need charity. Through trading, campaigning and working with local communities, we aim to enable poor producers to take part in a fair, effective trade system and begin to overcome the significant problems they currently face. With Fairtrade, we can all make a difference by just using Fairtrade cocoa in the next brownie we bake or by eating a Fairtrade chocolate bar.”



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