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Make a pledge for the planet this new year…

The New Year always brings new resolutions and promises for new beginning and new starts. Our friends at Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership are doing things a bit differently to bring new hope for the planet in 2023 so we invited them to our guest blog:

“The start of a new year is a great time to think about change.  We’re calling on people to make a pledge to the planet.  One small change that reduces an individual’s carbon footprint, multiplied by many individuals within our community adds up to a big move in the right direction.

If climate news leaves you feeling powerless then please read on as your pledge can be part of the solution.  The last time we faced an environmental catastrophe of human making, the news was filled with concern for the Ozone layer blanketing the globe which protects us from harmful levels of UV radiation.  Predictions were bleak.  What changed?  Well, world governments got together to ban the use of ozone depleting chemicals called CFCs.  This was historic and demonstrates action is possible on a global scale.  As human beings we have the ability to recognise and do something about the impact we make and can work together to protect our environment.

With our current climate concerns, greenhouse gas emissions result from so many of our every-day activities it can seem a bigger challenge, however each and every one of us has the power to deliver the change needed.  Yes, we need governments to act, but as a community and as individuals we can all work to tackle this problem together, so please join us in moving towards a more sustainable lifestyle in the Holme Valley. 

Before Christmas Holme Valley Climate Action Partnership met with people shopping local and asked what one change they might be able to make to reduce their climate impact.  We received over 30 pledges ranging from composting waste, to cutting car travel and buying second hand and we believe collectively we can make a significant difference.

If you want to you can share your pledges with us through Facebook (@ActionHolmeValley) or look out for our next community event and call by for a chat. If you’d like to know more about Holme Valley Climate Action and how we can help you then contact or find out more via our local giving page

What will your pledge for 2023 be? We totally agree with the sentiment that each and everyone of us can take little steps to make a big difference. At fairandfunky we’re pledging to compost AT THE OFFICE! Reducing our waste, and making a small step to reduce our carbon footprints.

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