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Little Steps Change The World

The fairandfunky mission statement is “empowering people to take their own steps to change the world.”


We work hard to empower people of all ages. Each and every one of us has the power to make a positive difference in the world around us: locally and globally. Through our workshops, our events and our shop we demonstrate how simple those little steps can be and what a big difference they can make.


In February 2014 we are taking our workshops to The Houses of Parliament. To put Fairtrade on the agenda of MP’s and to SHOUT about the work we do. We are thrilled that a local junior school will be joining in with us in London, and delighted that this is why:


“We are joining fairandfunky in London as we believe in their philosophy of ‘encouraging people to take little steps to change the world’. Where better place to start than with our children? If they take small steps today and understand how those small steps can make a big difference then we are really preparing them for their adult life as citizens of the 21st century. Hopefully by participating in the workshop based on the Fairtrade Foundation’s campaign  ‘Stick with Foncho’ they will understand the importance of buying Fairtrade Bananas and promoting that with their parents will be their next small step.” 


Thank you to Carolyn Littlewood, headteacher at Upperthong Junior School. Thank you for working with fairandfunky, empowering people to take little steps to change the world.


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