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It’s time to be Visionary

Visionary Soap are an incredible company, making beautiful soap (and lip balms, body butters and bath melts!). Led by Monica Norley, Visionary Soap are a pioneering body care company; their care and commitment to all the people involved in the supply chain is exemplary; and an inspiration to fairandfunky.


ALL their products carry the Fairtrade Mark, but that is only the beginning. Not content with reaching the minimum requirements Visionary Soap products are almost 100% Fairtrade. Whatever can be, is; with natural ingredients from producer groups in Palestine, India, Sri Lanka, the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and South Africa. They work with more Fairtrade producer groups than any other company in the body care industry.


Visionary Soap’s commitment to people continues in the production of the soap. Made in the UK in their local communities of Hastings, St Leonards and Bexhill on Sea, in East Sussex; Visionary Soap employ people from marginalised communities and varying backgrounds and challenges. Working hard to employ local people, who have struggled to gain work elsewhere.


And now, you, YES YOU can be part of it.


Visionary Soap have the opportunity to develop a Fairtrade certified, organic liquid soap range – and NEED YOUR HELP!


A crowdfunding campaign has been launched to build on the successes and move forward into the future with a brand new range. To do this, investment is needed. And this is where you come in. You are being invited to invest anything from £10 to £5,000; to help raise £10,000. This money will pay for the first production run and kickstart the new product marketing campaign.


This money will change the world.


Invest in Visionary Soap and Fairtrade producer companies will benefit. There will particularly be increased support for Fairtrade producer groups in India, where the coconut oil for the new liquid soap range will come from. The Fairtrade system not only ensures an equitable price paid for the coconut oil but also empowers farmers, allows for infrastructure development in their communities, supports organic farming methods, prevents child labour and provides equal leadership opportunities for women within the group.


Invest in Visionary Soap and you will change lives.


Invest in Visionary Soap and people in the UK will gain much needed employment. The production team will be able to reach out to greater numbers of individuals in the local community, namely from domestic violent shelters, refugee organisations and day centres. All staff would be provided with skills training but also a safe space, a social outlet, confidence-building, a fair wage and a holistic work environment.


Invest in Visionary Soap and you will change lives.


We know Monica Norley, the Founder of Visionary Soap personally and we know she is determined to continue her business with passion and commitment to Fairtrade. We are proud to be investors and are joining her vision that businesses with a heart can compete and excel in today’s market.
“I want people to be proud stakeholders in Visionary Soap Company and this campaign is a great way to do that. So whether you are able to help out simply by sharing the message of this campaign, contribute funds in exchange for lovely product rewards/incentives or getting further involved with a share of future sales, we appreciate all of you for embracing and supporting our vision!” Monica Norley.


Join us, join Visionary Soap. Be visionary. Change the world.


For more information and details on how to invest, please visit their crowdfunding page here


Follow Visionary Soap and Monica Norley on twitter and keep up to date with the project using hashtag #visionaryfund

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