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Half term SCRAPtastic crafts for children with fairandfunky!

One of our many mottos in our SCRAPtastic workshops is “Don’t throw it away – make something!” and as half term begins for many of us this week we’re sharing our four favourite crafts for children…..using things we throw away everyday.


Half term SCRAPtastic craft number 1 is Yoghurt Pot Puppets!


yoghurt pot puppets

Using ‘corner’ yoghurt pots you can make a multitude of puppets! Choose your theme – farmyard, jungle, aliens or anything and get crafting!


Turn your (clean!) yoghurt pot upside down, cover in PVA glue and then add coloured paper (we use tissue paper) to create your chosen design.



Half term SCRAPtastic craft number 2 is Juice Carton Bird Feeders!


A littIMG_8792le bit fiddly with scissors so little ones will need help with this one.


Using a clean juice carton cut a bird sized hole in the front of the carton. The cut out piece can then be shaped into wings and glued on to the side!


Add adornments to animate your bird – we used PVA glue to stick a cut up old plastic bag to this one. Ideally you should varnish your finished piece to make it weather proof – but it’s not essential.




Half term SCRAPtastic craft number 3 is Toilet Roll Pen Pot Holders!

animal pen pot holder

Another very easy craft for anyone of any age, using the good old toilet roll!


Choose your design (we have a rabbit getting ready for Easter) and then craft away using recycled fabric scraps and/or magazines.


You can then stick your completed animal tube to a cardboard (cereal box) base. We use PVA glue, which needs to dry overnight before it is ready to use to look after your pens and pencils.




Half term SCRAPtastic craft number 4 is Cereal Box mobiles!

divine.heartAll you need for this one is an old cereal box and lots of scrap paper! Choose your shape – we have made rockets, birds, sheep, fish and hearts (as seen here).


Lots of templates can be found online – or just draw freehand. Don’t forget to pierce a hole at the top and tie your strings (or old ribbon) before you start glueing!



We have a lot of recycled Divine Packaging to hand at fairandfunky HQ, please click here to order a FREE pack for you to use at home.



If you do get crafty over half term – don’t forget to share your finished crafts with us on facebook, twitter and instagram!


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