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Greetings from Dubai: One World Week Guest Blog

During One World Week we are hosting a series of guest blogs from people and organisations who work to make a difference in the world; people who connect communities through trade, and through friendship.


The theme for One World Week 2013 is “More than enough?” Our challenge to our bloggers was show how we are all connected. And to demonstrate how if we all think about the actions we take in our local and global societies we do have “more than enough”.


Today we hear from The Little Fair Trade Shop in Dubai. Read here how Sabeena was inspired, and challenged, to set up her Fairtrade shop, connect communities and change the world.


one world week“Hello and Assalaam Alaikum and warm greetings from The Little Fair Trade Shop. I would like to begin with a favourite quote.

‘Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.’ Rumi
I am blessed!


While my peers and relatives struggle to understand my work and its intrinsic rewards. I have been given this opportunity and the privilege to work with the worlds most creative and inspirational fair trade artists.


My fair trade journey began in the Kingdom of Saudia Arabia while studying an online distance Islamic Banking and Insurance course 2008. I had an epiphany while reading how Islam promotes the equal distribution of wealth and decided to support the most disadvantaged and underprivileged producers around the world and The Little Fair Trade Shop Ltd was born.


Fair trade campaigning in the United Arab Emirates has been challenging, uplifting and has become my addictive. The movement remains in its infancy and the majority of my time is spent educating the public about fair trade its principles and sharing stories about fair trade organisations and their successes.

Five years later the passion is elevated when I meet other like minded selfless individuals who feel the urgent need to take action I feel humbled that I have been asked to share my experiences.


Love, Peace and Repect to all especially fair traders around the world!”


Wherever you are in the world you will find a special shop doing amazing things. Support your local independent shop. Buy Fairtrade. Connect communities. Change the world.

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