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Great Big Green Week – What’s it all about?

You may have seen us popping out of plant pots and duelling with litter pickers on social media this week and wondered “What on earth are fairandfunky up to now?!” This week’s blog hopes to explain a thing or two!

June 10th – June 18th is Great Big Green Week, a national initiative from The Climate Coalition that invites EVERYBODY, no matter where you are, or who you are to get involved to take action to tackle climate change and protect nature. To be honest, this is something we do every day, but welcome the opportunity to shout a bit louder. It’s important that our voices are heard.

Our social media snippets in Great Big Green Week showcase little steps each and every one of us can take to change the world. From collecting coffee grounds for your compost, to simply taking a walk, there is something we can all do to protect nature. We know that these are simple steps, but we also know that they make a difference. We all need to learn to use a little less of the new and use a lot more of the old! From changing to refill and to always using a reusable coffee cup, our actions can have a real positive impact.

With this in mind we have also been in our local primary schools during Great Big Green Week leading whole school assemblies with almost 1000 young people. We have asked “What little steps do you take to change the world?” and have been inspired by their answers. There is a generation of young people who are thoughtful and responsive to climate change. They are thinking about the world around them and are full of ideas to reduce, reuse, rethink, repurpose, reform! Let’s hope that society keeps up with their demand for change – that governments, businesses, shops and global organisations listen to their voices.

Thank you to Central Coop for supporting our Great Big Green Week assemblies in local schools.

We are all taking our own little steps. And sometimes that can feel like a drop in the ocean. Who cares if I reuse my coffee cup? What difference does it make if I walk to school? But we must remember that there are lots of us taking little steps. And together we are part of a much bigger picture – we all cooperate to change the world.  

The positivity of the young people we work with and the love they have of the world around them inspires us every day. We hope that by sharing what we do, we inspire you too. And if we have – please tell us! What little steps do you take to change the world?

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