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Ghostly Recycling!!

We are delighted to have another guest blog this week from Jack, a recycling expert. Jack has been to a number of fairandfunky workshops, has led debates on recycling at school, and often shows his recycled masterpieces off via his Mum’s twitter! We spotted the ghoulish tweet over the weekend and asked Jack to share a “How to” blog….here it is:


How to make a milk carton ghost by Jack Vernoum aged 9 &1/4


Items needed

  • 4pint milk carton
  • permboo THIS ONEanent marker pen
  • battery powered tea lights
  • scissors



  • wash and dry your cartons.
  • draw a face on the side opposite the handle on the cartons,using the permanent marker pen.
  • Cut a flap underneath the handle to put the tea light in.
  • turn the tea light on and put it in the flap so it sits on the bottom of the carton
  • Now you’re done



Jack’s Mum added the following disclaimer!


“We must point out it wasn’t our original idea. I got it from


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