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Fairtrade Sleuthing

Today’s Go Bananas! guest blog is from a Fairtrade Sleuth…..


“Shopping with me is a frustrating process! I can’t simply nip into a shop to buy something, I have to have a quick look round to see what Fairtrade goodies might be available. I can spot that distinctive blue, green and black mark an aisle’s length away. And it’s so exciting when I’m wandering round, not really expecting to see it on anything new… and then, bam!! I’ll find Fairtrade blueberries or lemons in the Co-op, or Fairtrade cotton t-shirts, socks, headbands AND wristbands for Sport Relief in Sainsburys, or a bottle of Fairtrade wine in a pub or restaurant…


Lemons_Coop SportRelief









As I sit here in Fairtrade cotton jeans from M&S, longing for the Fairtrade cotton linen on my bed, it’s easy to become despondent that these things are no longer available on the high street. But for every item that has disappeared, there are exciting new products to be found… Never in a million years did I, a crispaholic, think I’d be able to buy Fairtrade plantain crisps thanks to Zamora. And who would have imagined you could do the dishes with Fairtrade washing up liquid? This is now an exciting reality thanks to the Fairtrade pioneers, Traidcraft. And there are others too: Zaytoun, Tropical Wholefoods, Liberation Nuts, Cafédirect, People Tree, Divine, Greg Valerio, Visionary Soap, Equal Exchange and Pants to Poverty to name just a few, all leading the way and dedicated to making trade fairer.


So if you would like to #GoBananasForFairtrade,  please consider supporting these amazing companies. Search out their lovely products or order them online, and remember that every purchase really does make a difference to the farmers and workers in the developing world.”


Why don’t you do some Fairtrade Sleuthing of your own!? Share your finds with us on TWITTER  and FACEBOOK.

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