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Fairtrade Matters to Social Progress

We’re delighted to welcome fairandfunky Conference Champions Social Progress to today’s Fairtrade Fortnight blog….


social.progress1“Hello! We’re Janet Bebb and Esther Orridge from Social Progress Ltd. We are a Social Media Consultancy based in the heart of lovely Honley. We’re passionate about supporting Fairtrade and often use our social media to spread the word about how #FairtradeMatters!


Here at Social Progress we are a Fairtrade business. “How is a social media consultancy a Fairtrade business?” you might ask. Well, we believe that even supporting Fairtrade in the little things can make a big difference. We choose to buy Fairtrade tea, coffee and sugar for the office for our daily refreshments and of course meetings with clients.


By making the small decision to buy Fairtrade (which isn’t always more expensive than other tea, coffee and sugar suppliers) we’re helping the producers to get a fair price for their work. After all, you wouldn’t be happy if you worked hard and didn’t get paid would you? So why should the people who grow and produce most of the products we take for granted be treated any differently?


Social Progress is an active member of the Holme Valley Fairtrade group and we’re excited to be Conference Champions again for the three fairandfunky Fairtrade Conference for Schools!


You may be thinking; why would a social media consultancy want to be involved with the Fairtrade Conferences for Schools? Which is a good question – we’re glad you asked…


The Fairtrade Conferences for Schools are a fantastic opportunity to help educate school children and teachers about Fairtrade and the importance of making a conscious decision to support it. By teaching the children at a young age they will, hopefully, grow up more conscious of the effects of Fairtrade and it will become part of their natural lifestyle – not having to adapt to being more conscious of supporting Fairtrade.


social.progressNot only are we passionate about students and young people learning about Fairtrade but we’re also keen to ensure they understand how to use social media appropriately and safely from a young age. Like with Fairtrade, if children/young people can learn earlier, it becomes part of their culture and second-nature to them. It’s important that these skills are learned early on and passed onto the next generation.


We’re really looking forward to the Conferences and we love the work that fairandfunky are doing to teach young children and teenagers (and adults too) to actively support Fairtrade and “change the world!”


The Conference for Schools isn’t about telling the children and teachers to support Fairtrade but explains the realities of WHY we should support Fairtrade actively as schools, businesses and individuals. Small decisions like swapping your daily refreshments and fruits to Fairtrade ones makes a world of difference to the very people who produced the food, drink, clothes and other products you buy!


Chat to Helen and Sophie at fairandfunky to see how you can show your support – it doesn’t have to cost the earth and often Fairtrade can cost the same or less! You just need to take “small steps to change the world”.


Will you choose to support Fairtrade?”


Are you on social media? Do get connected and say hello to Social Progress on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest & Instagram. They’d love to hear from you! #SoProHigh5!

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