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Fairtrade Conferences Review 2020

Everything we do has an impact – everything we wear, everything we eat, everything we use, is made by somebody somewhere. In our busy lives it is easy to forget about the people behind our products, but during Fairtrade Fortnight we are challenged to stop and think about farmers and producers around the world; and take action to make a difference to their lives and to their communities.


“We have celebrated Fairtrade at the fairandfunky conference for many years, and the children always get lots of valuable learning from this event. This year’s conference was the best yet.” Teacher feedback 2020. It is with this in mind that fairandfunky hosts Fairtrade Conferences for both Primary and Secondary Schools during Fairtrade Fortnight – to give space for people to think about the people behind the products we use and the food we eat every day, to inspire students and teachers alike to ask questions about where our food comes from and to empower delegates with Fairtrade knowledge as they make consumer choices.


This year we worked with 188 delegates from 18 schools at 3 Fairtrade Conferences – each delegate took part in four innovative and creative workshops, from leading practitioners, each inspiring participants to take Fairtrade out of the conference and into their schools, homes and communities. From discovering the journey of chocolate to creating recycled paper jewellery as Fairtrade producers in Uganda do; from writing Fairtrade inspired poetry to entering the world of co-operative business, and even asking ‘Who Made My Clothes?’ the workshops gave incredible insight into the lives of producers with real life stories and imagery.


“All the workshops were very engaging and informative about Fairtrade. They give the children creative ideas for promoting Fairtrade back at school” Teacher Feedback 2019. At Tolson Museum in Huddersfield we were also joined by Coeur de Xocolat, Suma Wholefoods and Fair Grounds UK to explore Fairtrade issues through innovative, hands-on learning. Jason McCartney MP also joined this conference and shared the work being done in Parliament by the Fairtrade APPG, before presenting each school with a certificate.


The Mayor of Kirklees joined delegates at Honley High School and inspired all with his closing remarks to continue to change the world with Fairtrade. The Mayor and his consort enjoyed a tour of the workshops from Central England Co-operative, Upcycle Fashion, Trading Visions and Suma Wholefoods; and was thrilled to see such enthusiasm and engagement from the students.


“The Fairtrade conference will increase knowledge and awareness of Fairtrade – the children can’t wait to share their learning throughout the school.” Teacher feedback 2020. Over in Calderdale we were lucky enough to host our Conference at Halfax Minster – an important part of the community there for over 900 years! In Halifax, our work complements the Fairtrade Town campaign spearheaded by Holly Lynch MP. We’re delighted to work with so primary schools in Halifax and that Holly was able to join us again for the 5th year running, who was excited to see the children working with practitioners such as Fair Grounds UK, Suma Wholefoods and Rose Condo Poet.


“A valuable learning experience for both children and teachers! We have found out more about Fairtrade and can share what we have learnt” Teacher feedback 2020. Because that is the best way to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight, by sharing the importance of Fairtrade with others. We are all connected; people and planet. It’s a fact that motivates fairandfunky every day, and during Fairtrade Fortnight the spotlight really is on each and every one of us to be the change and take a little step to change the world.


Thank you to Conference Champion Sponsors Suma Wholefoods and to Conference Partner Sponsors Social Progress; without whom the conferences would not be possible.


Thank you to Trading Visions, Divine Chocolate, Central England Co-operative, The Co-operative, Fairtrade Yorkshire, Stafflex and Suma Wholefoods for providing goody bag goodies!


Thank you to our workshop providers: Coeur de Xocolat, Fair Grounds UK, Rose Condo Poet, Suma Wholefoods, Trading Visions, Upcycle Fashion, and Central England Co-operative.

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