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Come On In to Fairtrade with Leys Fairtrade!

To celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight we’re inviting friends, supporters and local businesses to share their ideas on how to #ComeOnIn to Fairtrade. Today we welcome Leys Fairtrade to the guest blog. We made friends with Leys Fairtrade on twitter and regular share ideas, and keep each other inspired. We love hearing what schools get up to to engage with Fairtrade and in today’s guest blog Leys Fairtrade share ten quick and easy ways to take a step to change the world. Which step will you take?


“Here are our ten simple activity ideas delivered via #FairtradeHaiku along with some handy Fairtrade Hashtags for you to get involved with Fairtrade Fortnight where ever you are!



  1. #FairtradeHaiku


Why not try Haiku?

Poems on a Fairtrade theme

Try to keep them short!




  1. #ShareTheFairtradeCake


Baking this weekend?

Why not spread the Fairtrade love?

Share the fairtrade cake!



  1. #FairtradeShelfie


Are you a book worm?

Any recommendations?

Ethical book pics!



  1. #WhosInMyBasket

Producer stories:

Think! Who produces your goods?

Who’s in YOUR basket?




  1. #FTchats


Know any farmers?

Why not ask them some questions?

Chat about Fairtrade!


  1. #WhoMadeMyClothes #FashRev


Try a fashion show!

Showing off Fairtrade clothing.

Ask: “Who made my clothes?”





  1. #BananaArmy


Banana costumes:

Great conversation starter!

Just take a brave pill!



  1. #FairtradeGoldArtistic children?Design some jewellery:

    Made with Fairtrade gold!





  1. #LeysFTconf

Why not organise

Fairtrade conference for schools

Moulding fresh new minds




  1. #MeaningfulChocolate


Design your own cover:

Fairtrade chocolate wrapped inside

Sold for charity!”


We’d love to know what hashtags you use on social media to get people engaged with Fairtrade – why don’t you tweet us your ideas @fair_funky!

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