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Climate Change, Climate Action!

All fairandfunky workshops encourage participants to look at the world around them and empower people of all ages with the knowledge that their actions can have a positive impact; both locally and globally. Climate Change, Climate Action looks closely at how we are all connected – that where we shop, what we buy, what we wear, how we travel, what we do with our rubbish, and how we use resources, all impact the planet. It is our responsibility to think carefully about each of these actions and know how we can make a difference. Thanks to our partnership with Stafflex we have received funding to deliver this workshop in three local schools. Huge thank you to them, and to Fixby Junior School for being the first to book Climate Change, Climate Action!

The workshop began with an interactive quiz  – Do you know when Climate Change was first noticed?! Or how many trees are cut down every year? The questions led to interesting discussions on why we need the resources we use, and how things are made, and the consequences of over consumption.

“I discovered what a carbon footprint is and that when we use stuff it impacts the earth.” Year 5 pupil.

“I learnt that everybody is affected by climate change and that using oil, coal and gas leads to global warming.” Year 6 pupil.

The students then took part in an activity to think about where our food comes from. We often don’t stop and think about where our food is grown, by whom and how it travels to us. So, this gave opportunity for deeper thinking and understanding of the impact on our planet from growing, transporting, packaging and selling this food. If fruit is travelling to our supermarkets from South America or New Zealand, how does this contribute to climate change?

“Even a small trip to the supermarket can leave a carbon footprint. I know to plant, reuse and stop wasting things to make the Earth healthy.” Year 6 pupil.

We all have our part to play in climate change through climate action; taking steps to reduce our carbon footprints. Pupils were able to identify many different ways their behaviour could make a difference – from recycling and reusing, walking to school and switching lights off. To highlight this message that little things do make a difference each student made their own planter from an old milk carton to take home, with seeds, to grow their own food. Little steps that change the world.

“Full of knowledge and creativity, this interesting workshop developed pupils understanding of climate change. Excellent links to our topic, child focussed with excellent factual information.” Year 6 teacher at Fixby Junior School.

Please get in touch with us by emailing if you’d like to book a workshop for your school. It would be perfect for ‘Cut Your Carbon Week’!

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