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Climate Change? Climate Action!

“Education plays a vital role in helping to tackle climate change; creating a better, greener world for future generations” The Department for Education’s strategy for sustainability and climate change Policy Paper 2022.

As more schools are looking to implement the Department for Education’s Sustainability Strategy we are seeing increased interest in our recycling workshops; and were delighted to join two classes at Academy St. James in Bradford last term to link with their geography topic of deforestation. The young people were keen to share their learning with us, and it was great to see them begin to connect how our everyday actions impact both local and global environments.

Our Climate Change, Climate Action workshop allows young people to bring their own learning experiences to life as we introduce a variety of scientific terms and knowledge in a fun, interactive quiz. The questions raise lots of points of discussion from how we travel, what we throw away, to the food we eat and the things we buy. We demonstrate that everything we do has an impact on the planet, and that scientists measure this in carbon footprints. Our mission, as active citizens, is to reduce our carbon footprint as much as we can. And it’s a mission we find young people more than eager to take on!

“Factual, creative and interactive, the workshop created opportunity to build on our topic learning and added to our school’s eco learning.” Teacher feedback

Climate change is constantly in the news, and not surprisingly young people are anxious, especially when it can look like it’s out of our control. It’s important to recognise that as much as we are all responsible for climate change, we are also all responsible for climate action; little steps can, and do, change the world. These little steps add up to much needed behavioural change, so that we can all live sustainably and ensure the longevity of our planet for this generation of young people. We talk about how we can all be agents of change with the RE words…Rethink – Repurpose – Reduce – Reuse – Reduce – Repair – Recycle. And we act on it too. With each student making their own planter from an old milk carton to take home and begin to grow their own food. Little steps that change the world.

“Children were engaged throughout and enjoyed the session. Behaviour was well managed and clear steps given! It was a great practical workshop increasing our awareness of the impact of recycling and where our food comes from.” Teacher Feedback

All our workshops offer opportunities for young people to develop an understanding of the world and the natural environment; our holistic approach links science, geography and citizenship, connecting with the national curriculum. To book a workshop for your school please email

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