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“Change The World With Fairtrade!” at Halifax Minster

“An excellent conference – creative, informative and lots of fun.” Teacher feedback 2018

Halifax Minster opened its doors for the 3rd year running to a fairandfunky conference for schools from across Calderdale to come together to learn about the world around them and be inspired to take their own little steps to change the world. Following welcomes and introductions the day began with a question: “What steps do you take to change the world?” The Minster was soon full of raised hands sharing ideas from picking litter and recycling, to saving water and walking to school. All brilliant ways to take steps to change the world in our local communities; but how can you take steps here to change the world in global communities? The students embarked on a Fairtrade Adventure with Suma Wholefoods, Fair Connections, Fair Grounds and fairandfunky to discover how……


“A thought provoking workshop for our children. They loved this!” Teacher feedback 2018

In the poetry workshop with Fair Grounds students considered the lives of producers – where they lived, what the weather was like, and how Fairtrade makes a difference. Inspired by hearing real life stories the students then chose meaningful words to create a Fairtrade haiku.


With Suma Wholefoods delegates discovered the journey of products from farms to fruit bowls, fields to forks and learnt how Suma Wholefoods run their business as a worker’s co-operative. Children were fascinated by the supply chain process and each made their own lorry to make their own Fairtrade deliveries!


“Diverse and interesting, the conference has given us lots of ideas for school council!” Teacher feedback 2018

Fair Connections took students to Nepal, and with the help of puppet Fairis and friends engaging stories they shared personal experiences about life in Nepal and how fair trade works to lift communities out of poverty.


The fairandfunky workshop enabled students to meet the people in Pakistan who make Fairtrade footballs for Bala Sports UK. They discovered that over 700 stitches go in to 1 football, and that the balls are stitched by hand, taking 4 hours to make. Students discovered the difference Fairtrade has made to communities; with Fairtrade premiums being invested in water sanitation and free eye tests.


“A really informative, engaging and interesting workshop. Going to use ideas for enterprise at school!” Teacher feedback 2018

Students had a go at making their own football from plastic bags, newspaper and string. They soon learnt how difficult it was, and spent time thinking about how hard people work to make the footballs they’ll be taking back to school. It’s important that workers are paid fairly, especially when you consider the amount of money generated in playing football. It’s time to play fair.


After lunch students gathered to listen to a presentation from Conference Champion Sponsors Suma Wholefoods, who shared how important Fairtrade is to their business and to their customers. And thanks to the support from Suma, each school was presented with a limited edition Fairtrade football!


The Conference closed with certificate and Fairtrade football presentations to every school from Holly Lynch MP who also spoke to the children about the importance of Fairtrade and taking time to think about communities across the world.


Thank you to all the students and teachers for taking your own little steps to change the world at the fairandfunky Fairtrade Conference……see you in 2019!



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