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Change The World with fairandfunky

At fairandfunky we’re constantly challenging ourselves to think bigger and bolder so that we continue to ‘empower people to take their own little steps to change the world’ as we grow our business.


With this in mind we are making space for other people and perspectives to be part of how fairandfunky develops, and recently Hannah Tombling, Jason McCartney, Julie Tweedale, Rose Condo, and Janet Bebb joined our board of directors to do just that: to share ideas, challenge current thinking and help plan for the future.


Last month we met with some of this team under the leadership of Rose to be creatively guided through the first stage of strategic thinking and planning. We looked at our ‘toolbox’, our core activity, our projects, our partnerships and opportunities in terms of what we do now and what we’d like to do in the future. Part of this thinking involved the question “Why does our community need fairandfunky?”


Our thoughtful responses to this were put into a poem (by Rose!) – which is now pinned to our office wall as inspiration to keep going and know that the hard work we do does make a difference, and does empower people to change the world.


Why does our community need fairandfunky?

Because we show children there is a world beyond their town and they can change for the better.
Because we need more spaces to make change through being playful and silly.


To show others that work can be fun if you are passionate about what you do.
To be and feel empowered, to share stories, to have a voice, to take action.
To inspire and make an impact both locally, globally and for individuals.


To raise awareness about the environment, fair trade, recycling.
To look after the planet we live on, and our global neighbours.
To demonstrate that there is a different way of being.


Because there is light and life to be found
in the inspirational activities done
whilst wearing a banana suit.


Because we do stuff!

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