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Change The World With An Egg Box at East Morton CE Primary School

All fairandfunky workshops encourage participants to look at the world around them and empower people of all ages with the knowledge that their actions can have a positive impact on the world; both locally and globally. We were delighted to be invited to East Morton CE Primary School to kickstart the Year 5 topic ‘Is there enough for everyone?’ with a workshop looking at climate change.


The workshop began with discussions around the environmental problems facing our world today – pollution, litter, plastic waste, and limited natural resources; and the little steps we can all take to make a difference. Students soon realised they already take little steps to change the world when they walk to school, turn lights off, re-use shopping bags, and recycle waste.


It is often difficult for us to appreciate the impact climate change can have on communities around the world so students were introduced to Patrick Kaberia, a Fairtrade tea farmer from Kenya! Through video he described his life as a tea farmer and the challenges farmers face as a result of climate change.

“We are facing the affects of climate change…..rains don’t come as they did before and when they come they cause a lot of damage…..washes away soil and crops….causes landslides damaging our infrastructure. We feel we are fighting something we cannot do a lot about.” Click here to watch his video in full.


Year 5 were then set a challenge: to create a machine, using recycled packaging, which would help reduce pollution, reduce the impacts of climate change and change the world! The students set to work with great collaborative co-operation:  discussing the challenge, working out how their machine would work and how to make it using the materials available. Each group worked really well as a team with brilliant results:


The Divine Plane : Specially designed to be powered by steam – doesn’t pollute the skies at all.”

Eco-friends! “A fleet of cars and trucks that are all solar powered and collect rubbish as they travel.”

Pollution Sucker: “Creates a phone from rubbish and has a solar powered charger.”

Super Sucker! “Reduces pollution as it senses rubbish when it drives round, using rubbish to create energy.”

Solar Cereal House
“Absorbs power from the sun to save electricity. Also has a water drainer and filter to clean water, and a special chimney to filter smoke.”


“An engaging, fun and informative workshop that has kick started our new topic and made the children think about the problems in our environment. We will look at recycling and climate change in our country compared to other countries. A fantastic session, children are now enthused to change the world!” Teacher feedback.


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