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SCRAPtastic Bottle Planters

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SCRAPtastic recycling workshops inspire creativity in students of all ages and abilities. In each workshop students discover the importance of the 6 R’s (rethink, refuse, reduce, reuse, repair, recycle) through interactive activities; and create individual artworks from recycled materials. Click here to see the full range of SCRAPtastic recycling workshops.

SCRAPtastic Bottle Planters can be differentiated to suit either KS1 or KS2. In this workshop students design, make and create individual hanging planters from recycled bottles. The workshop highlights the importance of taking little steps to change the world on your own doorstep and is a great hook for empowering students to think about the impact their actions can have on their local environments.

“An excellent, well managed workshop the interactive quiz made recycling relevant to the children. Lots of great ideas to re-use rubbish, the children really enjoyed the practical activity.” Sunning Hill Primary School – Teacher feedback.


A fantastic workshop to explore waste and recycling; it gives real understanding to students as to where our rubbish goes, and how by thinking carefully about individual actions we’re starting to make a difference to our local and global environments.

Learning objectives

  • To develop an understanding of sustainable development with particular regard to recycling
  • To design, make and create an independent piece of artwork from recycled materials
  • To develop a sense of social justice and moral responsibility
  • To develop speaking and listening skills
  • To develop an understanding of a sense of place in the world

‘SCRAPtastic Bottle Planters’ provides links across the curriculum, connecting PHSCE with Literacy, and Art and Design, and can be adapted to meet the individual requirements of your school topics to link with particular themes. To discuss individual requirements, and receive a ‘SCRAPtastic recycling’ workshop tailored for your school, please get in touch.

This 90 minute workshop costs £175 (plus travel if outside Kirklees) and assumes a class size of 30 children. This includes two members of staff, all materials, a certificate of participation for the class and a digital review of the workshop.

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