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Back to school with SCRAPtastic after school club

We often get asked about what we actually do in SCRAPtastic after school clubs so we thought we’d ask our current club members to help write a little blog all about it. We ‘interviewed’ Mollie, Evie, Oliver, Artie and Isra in the final SCRAPtastic club of 2023 and these are their replies:

What is SCRAPtastic? “It’s a place where you make stuff from things that have already been used. We recycled things and have fun. I loved making the cat and mouse puppets.”

Why do you come to SCRAPtastic?  “I like making stuff and I like art. I like not using new things and it makes me happy.”

Why is re-using important? “It stops waste and stops things going to landfill and in the oceans. It helps us save the planet as recycling paper stops trees disappearing, and when trees disappear, we lose habitats. It’s horrible what we’re doing actually.”

Has SCRAPtastic inspired you to make at home? “Yes! I check my recycling to make things. It’s also made me think about the things I buy – I look for recyclable and biodegradable packaging. I made sausage dogs on holiday using toilet rolls, I would never have done that before.”

How would you describe SCRAPtastic to a friend?  “It’s amazing! It gives loads of ideas to recycle as much as they can, and it’s all about making stuff. It’s fantastic!”

What would you like to make in SCRAPtastic? “Houses…..dogs…..pencil pots…..a bin lorry… To be honest, my Mum throws things away that I make so can we keep making useful things?”

We love their honesty and openness when talking about the world they live in. Taking time to be still, and craft together creates opportunities for meaningful conversations as well as creating works of art from recycled materials. We feel privileged to build relationships with young people at after school club and look forward to working with more schools in 2024.

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