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Street Paper Workshop

Street PaperA study on life for street children in India, using creative role-play, debates and video presentations. Students engage in the ‘Paper Bag Game’ to model life as a street child, and employ numeracy skills to calculate their daily and weekly earnings. The workshop develops a sense of social justice and moral responsibility in participants, through interactive discussion.


“I really enjoyed the paper bag making, it was interactive which made it more fun. I found it really interesting and factual.” Year 9 Student from Southend High School for Boys.


Learning objectives

  • To develop an understanding of sustainable development
  • To learn about life as a street child in India
  • To work as a team to play the ‘Paper Bag Game’
  • To develop a sense of social justice and moral responsibility
  • To develop speaking and listening skills
  • To develop an understanding of a sense of place in the world


The workshop uses games, role play, debate, workshops and video to teach the learning objectives; and work towards reaching the following National Curriculum guidelines:

  • Citizenship: Preparing to play an active role as citizen
  • Design and Technology: Design, make and evaluate a prototype model in response to a challenge
  • English Speaking and Listening En1: Group discussion and interaction; presentations to peers and fairandfunky staff
  • Numeracy – Problem solving skills


This ‘off the shelf’ 90 minute workshop costs £150 and assumes a class size of 30 children. This includes two members of staff and all material costs.


Friends-of-Eco-Schools-Large-RGBAll fairandfunky workshops can be adapted to meet the specific needs of your individual school or class. To discuss your requirements, and receive a quote tailored for you, please get in touch.

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